SHIMPAC® Systems

Regularly using roads in the United Kingdom, innovators and businessmen Peter Rieck and Johnny Jonas realised the need for a lasting solution to the installation and seating of ironwork which if not seated properly collapses and dislodges under load.   In 1982 they approached Kent County Council, known for its interest in answers to road and carriageway deterioration that were fast, effective and cost reducing.  Working with the co-operation of KCC, SHIMPAC® was developed to the point where it proved its worth and by 1984 was given full approval for use by contractors in Kent.

As a result of Kent County Council’s reputation for successfully introducing new approaches to carriageway construction and maintenance, SHIMPAC® has been successfully introduced throughout the UK.

Historically where final adjustment to carriageway and footpath ironwork is required, contractors and sub contractors have used quarry tiles, brick slips, cut bricks or whatever comes to hand, in conjunction with sand and cement mortar or fast setting mortar. SHIMPAC® planks and collars can provide a final reinstatement first time.

Numerous County Councils, Local Authorities, Water Companies and Civil Engineering / Asphalting contractors now select SHIMPAC®  because it solves their ironwork problems.

SHIMPAC® Approved for use by utility companies and Highway Authorities.
SHIMPAC® Complies with requirements of the Highway Agency Specification.

From our distribution depot and network of distributors we currently supply SHIMPAC® products nationwide.


  • the ironwork seating and levelling system
  • Complies with Highways Authority Standard HA104/09 ch. 6&7
  • Whole life solution
  • 30 years with no recorded failures
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Virtually no remedial work
  • Very high compression resistance
  • Exceptional lateral strength and sheer resistance
  • Unique ironwork levelling capability
  • Recyclable
  • Can also be used to repair and finish broken and damaged chamber tops
  • The Industry Standard for fast, simple and cost effective ironwork seating and levelling; SHIMPAC® ROADSHIM® planks have a highly successful track record for seat street ironwork, communications equipment, inspection covers and many more similar applications.

 SHIMPAC® ROADSHIM® planks, in conjunction with a high strength fast setting mortar, secure chamber tops and provide the strongest of platforms for ironwork, handling extreme weather conditions and heavy road use, it ensures that ironwork installations and repairs last years without further attention.

SHIMPAC® ROADSHIM® planks are quick and easy to install, can be adjusted to size on site without the need for specialist tools and are compatible with fast setting mortar.   The product range comes in various thicknesses, allowing the contractor to build up the area beneath the frame to achieve the correct level. Designed specifically to secure the chamber top and provide a platform to bed and level any ironwork to exactly the right height and angle.

SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks are approved  for use by Councils, Utility Companies, Highway and Transport Authorities and Civil Engineers.

SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks  comply with  requirements  of the Highway  Agency Specification HA104/09 ch.6&7.

Since the first installation of  SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks in 1984 there have been no reported failures.