• Prevents the need for remedial works as stops ironwork sinking
  • Offers a whole life solution
  • Speeds up works due to ease of installation
  • Has a 30 year track record with no known failures
  • Cost effective and easy to use

SHIMPAC® is the fastest and most cost effective solution for ironwork seating installs and repairs. By using SHIMPAC® Contractors time on site is greatly reduced. SHIMPAC® is easy to install, can be adjusted to size on site without the need for specialist tools. SHIMPAC® can be used in highly trafficked areas as well as Junctions, Roundabouts Cycle tracks pedestrian areas. Councils and local authorities spend millions of pounds a year correcting faulty ironwork installations. Correctly installed ironwork greatly reduces the risk of common problems such as ironwork sinking and rocking. Which leads to costly remedial works and even costlier claims.