Chamber collars

SHIMPAC® CHAMBER Collars are quick and easy to install, without the need for specialist tools or equipment and is compatible with fast setting mortar. The product range comes in various thicknesses, allowing the contractor to build up the area beneath the frame to achieve the correct level. Designed specifically to secure the chamber top and provide a platform to bed and level any ironwork to exactly the right height and angle.


SHIMPAC planks and collars are a combination of compressed cement (70%), treated recyclable  fibres (15%) and small quantities of other raw materials for binding and strengthening.

Compressive Strength
39-49 N/mm2 (Independent site and laboratory testing)

Dimensional Stability
1.5% expansion when soaked overnight in water (bucket test)

8.6% after 24 hours total immersion

Will not rot – suitable for use as permanent shuttering

Fire Rating
Non combustible

Mortar Compatibility
Can be installed using fast setting mortar

On Site Cutting

  • Tungsten tipped saw (where necessary)
  • Stihl saw / disc cutter
  • Planks up to 24mm thickness can be scored and snapped to length

Health and Safety
Download our COSHH data sheet


  • Carriageway and footpath ironwork support e.g.
  • Manhole frames and covers
  • Gully gratings
  • Bespoke sizing
  • Telecoms & cable TV boxes
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  • United Kingdom

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Standard Sizes

collar shapes 2

Standard Thickness

new standard thickness V2