Toby Bungs

Toby bungs are designed as a temporary solution to an age old problem. When a surface box lid breaks or is stolen the area is left exposed and is then a trip hazard, leaving local authorities liable to compensation claims from personal injuries. When a TOBY Bung is installed the problem is eliminated until repairs are actioned and completed.


SHIMPAC planks and collars are a combination of compressed cement (70%), treated recyclable  fibres (15%) and small quantities of other raw materials for binding and strengthening.

Compressive Strength
39-49 N/mm2 (Independent site and laboratory testing)

Dimensional Stability
1.5% expansion when soaked overnight in water (bucket test)

8.6% after 24 hours total immersion

Will not rot – suitable for use as permanent shuttering

Fire Rating
Non combustible

Mortar Compatibility
Can be installed using fast setting mortar

On Site Cutting

  • Tungsten tipped saw (where necessary)
  • Stihl saw / disc cutter
  • Planks up to 24mm thickness can be scored and snapped to length

Health and Safety
Download our COSHH data sheet


  • Carriageway and footpaths.
  • Surface box frames and covers
  • Gully gratings
  • Hydrant and sluice valve boxes
  • Stop taps and rodding eye
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  • Lower Road Trading Estate,
  • Ledbury,
  • Herefordshire, HR8 2DH
  • United Kingdom

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Standard Thickness

new standard thickness V2